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The Delaney Bowling Centre


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P A Day Specials for the Schools


We here at the Delaney Bowling Centre realize how important it is for any organization to raise extra money for your group. And the effort into making any project possible. with our JOIN THE TEAM program, hopefully will make things easier for your school or group to help make ends meet. Its as easy and rolling a ball.

P A Day Update
For the 2007 2008 bowling season, the JOIN THE TEAM program rasied over $300.00 in it's first year. We feel that the program went will in it's first year. Not a lot of the schools have taken advantage of this as easy as rolling a ball fundraising consept, being the first year and new to everyone it is hard to believe that all you have to do is come out and have a ball, and raise money for your school, group and organization. We are looking forward to the coming year, and great enthusiasim that this coming season will be twice as big.

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING, for school trips, class outings, the first question is, where to find the money to pay for this. The answer is bowling fundraisers. In January of 2011 a fundrasier was held at the centre where over $700.00 was raised, over a 5 hour period, how easy is that, bowl raise money and have a ball, it's a win win situation, don't be left out in the street come into the alley and have a ball. 

THATS RIGHT , as easy as rolling a ball. for every game bowled by anyone in your group, we will donate .50 cents back to your group, school. Any time any day. during open bowling times, P.A. Days We can help you make a difference.

Bigger Groups Bigger Profit

If you need extra money fast, for a class trip, or team equipment, our Group Deal will work for you, make big money in one night. Book the centre, sell tickets for 2 hours of bowling at $10.00 each. You keep half the money. A great way for your group not only to have a great time out, having fun with family and friends, but a good way to make quick cash for your cause. We do suggest that a minimum of 4 on a lane works good for timing and visiting. All you have to do is book your times, number of lanes and be prompt. We have put aside Monday Nights for this great group package. lane booking times start at 5:00pm and go till 10:00pm, lots of time for a possible 2 shift outing for your group. JUST CALL AND TELL US YOU WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM DON'T DELAY BOOK TODAY !!!!!


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