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The Delaney Bowling Centre


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Here are just a few of the places to stay visit and eat at while your stay here in Gananoque. Tourism is a big part of the 1000 Islands, we want to make sure your stay is an enjoyable one here.

Bed & Breckfast, Motels to Campgrounds. a large veriety to choose from.

Where to stay , where to eat and what to do is a big part of any family outing.
If you are coming to the 1000 Islands, it's always a good idea to go online and check out accommodations, what to do and where to go. Everyone has a budget, and while away from home it's hard to keep to that. We don't have a list of the cheapest, but we have a list of a few places in town where you can get the best for your dollar, not nessacarily the most. We also have a list of places we would go, not where the ones who pay the most for advertizing.
You can also go to for a good list of places in the area.

Anthony's, Bravo, Moroni's, Robeson's are great places for breckfast. Fresh food cooked to order. Coffee, juice or milk with your meal. Lunch has a great many places to choice from. Be it sit down or on the go, cold to hot anywhere you go. 

Here we might put another picture of the interior of our facility.


The Delaney Bowling Centre, 73 King St. E Gananoque, Ontario. 1-613-382-2292