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The Delaney Bowling Centre


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Numbers are up a bit for all leagues, but always room for people who want to have a fun inexpensive time out. Meet new people and bring your friends. league bowling is a great way to unwind and have fun.

Increase of utilities has forced us to go with the times of the town, linage fees for the leagues will now be $10.00 per person. plus the individual leagues prize fees. example: Tuesday Mixed, last year was $14.00, $10.00 was linage fees, $4.00 was league prize fees. Thank you for your understanding and support.


To setup a time and day for your new league, contact us. and get ready for another season NOW!!!!!!!!

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 After you get your league signed up, we can add more information to the league sign up section below, and your members will have a better idea where to sign up for this coming season.

Sign in for a league now!!!

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Thur ladies
Thur Mixed
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The first week of September all leagues will be up and running, find out how you can get signed up and enjoy the winters #1 indoor sport, Summer progams are a great way to keep fit and enjoy a good time out with friends and family, call us and inquire about our summer programs for both adults and kids. 
Wednesday Evening Mixed Triples, Tuesday Evening Mixed, Thursday Afternoon Idle Ladies, Thursday  Evening Mixed. and our summer programs for all ages, for any information just call the centre and we can help you anyway we can.

Being a member of a winter league also gives you the opportunity on winning a possible $150.00 in combined weekly draws. All season long, a total of $4500.00.


Along with the start up with the leagues you also have a chance to join the Ontario 5 Pin Bowlers Association. where you get the chance to take part in fun in league turnaments, learn more about our Canadain sport.

Why Does a Bowling League Need Rules, Regulations And  Functioning Executive?

Bowling leagues are formed by social groups, office personnel, factory workers, community groups, fraternal orders, clubs, Ladies" and men's organizations and by proprietors.
Less than 3% of all bowlers are in the major league category, so most bowlers bowl for relaxation, a night out or just plain fun. So..... WHY DOES A BOWLING LEAGUE NEED RULES REGULATIONS when they are for the most part, bowling for the fun of it?
1/ If a dispute arises and there is no rule to cover it, WHAT HAPPENS?
2/ If money is missing from the treasury because there is only one signing officer, WHAT HAPPENS?
3/ When trophies or prize money is to be awared and no formula has been established, WHAT HAPPENS?
4/ If a team is short players, WHAT HAPPENS?
The above are only a few examples of why you need RULES AND REGULATIONS as this is what could happen:
1/ Bowlers' feelings get hurt.
2/ Friends become enemies.
3/ Bowlers quit the league.
4/ The league folds.
All of the above are easily prevented if the league has a good set of rules and regulations, a constitution and league officers fulfilling their obligations.
The Canadian 5 pin Bowlers Association rules do not cover all situations. They do not, for instance, provide for entering averages, dummy scores, handicaps, and prize lists or for specific variation as to the use of substitutes. Therefore, a league must have its own rules to cover its individual requirements. Your league should have a Constitution and Rules and Regulations. If you have any question we are more then happy to help you.

The Delaney Bowling Centre, 73 King St. E Gananoque, Ontario. 1-613-382-2292